The All-In-One Modern Tenant Application Management System

The Avér platform is streamlined, an all-in-one leasing suite. Avér is integrated with banking and credit data agencies to provide instant qualifying data on prospective tenants. Landlords and Brokerages are able to list their properties on the Avér platform and invite applicants to apply to their properties. The Avér application can successfully pull credit/background, employment, income, past rental history, banking information along with ID, into an all-in-one complete leasing package for approval by the landlord. Avér will also soon be offering many other services that include electronic lease/renewal signing, rent payment and OP invoicing.

All-in-one platform for landlords and brokers to  upload their portfolio

Easy-to-use system to invite applicants to apply

Aver is quick, reliable and easy to use

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