The Avér system was built to work with landlords managing any size building small, large, and anything in between. Avér delivers first class service for all aspects of residential leasing; Avér helps landlords decrease vacancies, vetting each client with a state-of-the-art verification system to ensure tenant suitability. Landlords are able to list properties, invite clients to apply, initiate tenant verification, then deny or approve; upon approval, the landlord can send client leases for signature, and with Avér, you can also collect rent and security deposits! Avér is the leasing verification system you’ve been waiting for! No more stand alone systems with lengthy delays, and insufficient vetting, which all take a bite out of your bottom line, now you have Avér!

Built by real estate professionals

The Avér app was designed and created by real estate brokers to provide all services needed for residential real estate leasing.

Avér, the only state-of-the-art leasing system on the market includes listing services, instant verification, lease signatures and rent payments.

The Distrix team has worked with hundreds of landlords, and real estate professionals, researching and perfecting a system that facilitates the gamut of residential real estate leasing

Streamlined process

Avér allows the landlord to add their properties/units to the platform while also allowing the landlord to customize the required verifications. Once the properties are uploaded, the landlord can invite a potential tenant to apply to their properties. The applicant fills out a simple online application, Distrix takes the information and gathers all supporting documentation (income, employment, past rental payment history and pay stubs, credit and background). Once the application has been completed, the applicant will submit to the landlord for review. The landlord will review the application and approve or Deny. If approved, the landlord sends the applicant an electronic lease, which can be uploaded by the landlord and signed by the tenant.

Adding value

For the smaller landlord who wants to increase value to their business, Avér is the answer!  The Avér platform allows landlords to easily manage, track and secure all listings, applications, and leases. There is no other verification system that instantly pulls credit, background and all supporting documents required for leasing; significantly reducing application time, decreasing vacancy days and increasing profits.

Just getting started

If you have purchased an investment property you intend to lease, there is no other system better to use than Avér. Avér provides all the services needed for leasing while organizing your properties and potential applicants to compare the most qualified. Not sure what supporting documentation you need from the applicant? The Avér system allows the user to select from an À la carte menu for you to click through to ensure you have all verifications needed.

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